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Our detailing services are the difference maker in a truly clean and sanitary car. The Exterior Detail provides 6 months of protection with our synthetic spray sealant and the Interior Detail will leave every touched surface sanitized and COVID-19 free with the combination of our hospital grade cleaners

and 320 degree Italian made steamer system. 

3+ hrs

Starts with


Plus these added services


  • Shampoo & steam floor mats, cloth seats, and all carpeting to lift up and extract dirt and grime.

  • Clean seat tracks by pulling forward and backward seats to ensure the length of the track is addressed

  • Steam clean and treat all hard surfaces

    • Dashboard and all its components

    • Door panels, pockets, handles, and buttons

    • Steering wheel and gear shifter

  • Clean visors and mirrors

  • Clean pillars (the “side arms” connecting the dash to the headliner and the “bar” between the front and back seats

  • Inspect and clean headliners

  • Meticulously clean trunk and cargo areas, including removing the “floorboard” to clean the spare tire housing area

  • Prep and condition all leather and vinyl with surface appropriate conditioner.  Vinyl surfaces result in a satin finish, while leather surfaces are soft and supple to the touch with a matte like finish (Shiny leather is dirty leather)

  • Permanent odor killer:

    • Scent choices available: spiced wood, sparkling berry, spring blossom, black chrome, new car, citrus grove, or sweet summer breeze

interior detail

3+ hrs

Starts with


Plus these added services

  • Carefully clay bar to remove any embedded contaminants (IF NEEDED) using a soft polymer detailing clay, safely  removes any contaminants that have bonded with the clear coat.

  • Clean door, trunk and hood jams with a pH neutral solution to remove built up grease, crud, and dirt, normally unseen when doors are closed

  • Remove iron deposits and industrial fall out on paint, wheels and calipers

  • Remove license plate to clean, wash, and clay bar the surface behind it

  • Clean vehicle surface surrounding the gas cap 

  • UVA& UVB protective  paint sealant applied to  all painted surfaces

    • (6 month protection)

  • Polish wheels and any chrome (to a high shine)

  • Clean and polish exhaust tips

  • Re-install cleaned and polished license plate

This service will not remove any swirls nor scratches from your paint.

If this is what you need please look at our Paint Correction options. 

exterior detail

4+ hrs

As the name suggest, this is the full package. Your vehicle will get the combined services from both


detailing services

full detail

6+ hrs

Includes everything in the

Exterior Detail


To keep this protective layer performing to its best,

we recommend applying

Dr Beasley's AdvancedCoat Gloss every three months.

ceramic coating

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