You love the freedom of riding on two wheels and we love keeping the heads turning

with a clean and protected finish. Here at LeJeune Detail & Paint Correction

we have the skill set and specialized products to handle the job.

Whether you need a cleaning, detail, decon or a full protective coating, we can do it. 

1+ Hrs

  • Lather surfaces with a gentle, cleansing shampoo & conditioner with a neutral PH

  • Wash vehicle of any and all surface dirt, silt, and other contaminants

  • Carefully rinse with purified water

  • Hand dry vehicle

  • Forced air dry any additional water trapped in seams, engine and cluster

  • Thoroughly wipe down and clean tires, wheels, and seat

  • Condition tires and seat to leave a satin finish or matte if desired



2+ Hrs

Starts with a

Custom Hand Wash

  • Carefully clay bar to remove any embedded contaminants by using a soft polymer detailing clay, which safely removes any contaminants that have bonded with the clear coat.

  • Remove all iron and industrial fall out from

    • spokes​

    • breaks

    • engine 

    • shocks

  • Seal painted surfaces with a synthetic spray wax (Two month protection)

  • Clean and polish all chrome

full detail

Starts with an

Exterior Detail


To keep this protective layer performing to its best,

we recommend applying

Dr Beasley's AdvancedCoat Gloss every three months.

3+ Hrs



If you have MATTE PAINT or a MATTE FILM on your two wheeled baby, follow either highlighted link. The same procedure will be followed as above but using Dr. Beasley's MATTE PAINT/FILM care products. 


These products are industry leading and specifically engineered for your paints/films special needs.

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