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A high quality hand wash is often the most overlooked part of your vehicles care regimen. Unfortunately, improper washing is also the cause of almost all scratches and swirls found on your paint resulting in the need for Paint Correction.

Here at LeJeune Detail & Paint Correction we have created a two bucket hand wash system using proven techniques and the highest quality products.   



  • Foam surfaces with a gentle, cleansing shampoo & conditioner with a neutral PH

  • Wash vehicle of any and all surface dirt, silt, and other contaminants

  • Clean door jams

  • Remove filth from gas cap area

  • Carefully rinse with purified water

  • Protect paint with a spray sealant 

    • (2 moth protective coating)

  • Hand dry vehicle

  • Forced air dry any additional water trapped in seams, door jams, and wheels

  • Thoroughly wipe down and clean tires, wheels, and wheel wells

  • Condition tires to leave a shiny, satin finish

  • Check windshield wiper fluid, and refill if needed


  • Dust, wipe clean, and treat dashboard, console, and door panels

  • Vacuum and wipe clean cup holders and door pockets

  • Vacuum floor mats, carpet, and seats, including areas between and under seats

  • Steam/forced air crevices on center console to remove stuck grime

  • Spot clean and correct minor spills and stains (Up to 2 quarter sized spills)

  • Clean windows and mirrors

  • Vacuum trunk and cargo areas



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