Paint Correction

This is the difference-maker when trying to restore your paint and make it more visually appealing. Each vehicle is unique, and all need a different paint correction service to look their best. so, to start we will do a thorough walk around to discuss the paint defects and special needs of your vehicle’s paint. This provides a fully customized experience to ensure your vehicle comes out looking its best.

We use Oberk Care Care compound & Polish.  

  1. We will wash all painted surfaces with a product designed to remove all existing protective coatings so we can get down to the working surface needed, the clear coat.
  2. A full clay barring will be performed to remove any embedded contaminants that the washing process simply cannot remove.
  3. An iron / industrial fall-out remover will be applied to the entire exterior. This will finalize the removal of any iron deposits that could further scratch the surface during the correction process.
  4. Masking off all badging & plastic trim to protect it while mechanically buffing the surrounding surfaces.

Your car is now ready for the paint correction stage. 

Single Stage Polish

Starting at $600.00 (7hrs)

Paintwork deep cleansed and if required clayed followed by a single stage machine polish using an ultra-fine gloss enhancing polish.

We say…Recommended for new cars or cars with near-perfect paintwork only.


Starting at $810.00 (13hrs)

Paintwork deep cleansed, clayed and a full set of before/after paint thickness readings taken. A two-stage machine polish using a combination of medium compound and ultra-fine polishes.

We say…Generally lightly swirled paintwork mixed with one or two deeper scratches would need this treatment. In our experience, most cars more than 1 year, but less than 5 years old, will require this treatment.

Full Correction

Starting at $1,310.00 (24hrs)

Paintwork deep cleansed, clayed and a full set of before/after paint thickness readings taken. A four-stage machine polish using a combination of heavy and medium compounds, followed by medium and ultra-fine polishes. 

We say…Only recommended for high value cars with unloved paintwork. The amount of extra machine polishing required to remove deep scratches will surprise many. Please note the detailer may judge some scratches as too deep to be safely removed.

Wet Sanding

Starting at $6,750.00 (72hrs)

Paintwork deep cleansed, clayed and a full set before/after paint thickness readings taken. Your paintwork is then carefully wet sanded to produce a completely flat finish followed by a five-stage compound and polish.

We say…This is the ultimate in paint refinishing. This process will produce an incredible mirror finish on any factory or body-shop paint finish. Our wet sanding technicians have years of experience in high-end paint refinishing, and we guarantee you will be stunned by how great your car looks.

*** All pricing and man hours displayed above are based on X-Small/Compact vehicles
e.g., 2-Door/Audi A3/BMW 2 Series/VW Golf GTI/Fiat 500/Mini Cooper or equivalent.